Wish you had a place where people would pray for you? Don't feel comfortable sharing your requests?

Included in your subscription is a place where you can put up your prayer requests and know that there is a group committed to praying for you.

Not comfortable sharing? That's ok too. We've included an anonymous submission option so you can
have your requests prayed
for and still remain


Devotions are your lifeline to God. They allow you to turn your focus from the problems of life and connect to the source of peace, love, hope, and salvation.

Every day we will send you devotions that help you connect with God. They will be specifically written to help you maintain a close, personal relationship with Jesus.

Oh yeah, and we'll make sure that they aren't written in old English. They will be interesting, and relevant.


We understand your desire to be able to connect with other christians just like you.

Included in your subscription is a forum where you and other subscribers can connect and discuss the devotions and your walk with God.

Our forums are also an opportunity for you to connect directly with the staff at Gods Fast Food and ask questions to gain insight.



Are you facing difficult problems in your life? A Layoff? Poor Health? Drinking or Drug addiction? Worry or Fear? Well, you should know you’re not alone. Across the globe millions of people just like you are experiencing the same struggles, the same despair, and are finding hope and strength through the power of prayer and devotion. Jesus said, all things are possible through he who gives you strength. God promises he will always be there for us. But are WE truly there for him? We live in a world that is constantly connected. Cell phones and email, wifi internet and mobile devices like iPads and kindle make it possible for you to plugged into the world around your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this busy world how do we shut off the noise ad find time to listen to Gods voice and focus on his word? How can God support us if we don’t give him access to our lives? At Gods fast food we believe that the key to maintaining a close, personal relationship with Jesus starts with a the daily consumption of His word. But we also understand the world that God has created for us, and the busy life most of us are forced to live. Most christians are forced to choose between 2 less than perfect options.

1. You can get up even earlier than you are now. For some that means a day that starts hours before sun up, or......

2. Force yourself to power through a devotion before you collapse from exhaustion after 10-12 hour work day.

With God's Fast Food there is another way. We offer you a way to do commune with God in todays busy world. Through our daily devotions, prayer chains, forums, and missions support you can stay connected, and seek God in the most effective way possible. Give us a try. We look forward to growing your personal relationship with God.